Life like a lion is about our journey as men through this wild adventure known as life.  It is a place to inspire and to be inspired.  We seek to live lives of purpose and passion so that our lives will echo through history.  We refuse to stay in the background, another lamb in the herd, and instead stand up and live each day as lions.


My name is Tarl, a strange name I know, but by most aspects I’m a normal guy. However, I am not content to be just “normal” and this site is my way of including all of you in the process of growth.  I went to school and studied English, history, psychology, and just about everything else.  I love to read and learn everything I can, as well as write.  I grew up in the woods of rural North Carolina and still love the outdoors today.  I have a beautiful wife, as well as a dog and cat.  It is my intent to become the best man I can be, to fully reach my potential, and to help others do the same.  Thank you for coming by and I hope you will stick around, let me know what you think.


It is better to live one day as a lion, than 1000 as a lamb.”  Anonymous 


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